Rishabh Jaiswal , Founder and President

Coming up with the initiative at the age of 17, where one finds his peers abhorring the intricacies of the Science Stream, Rishabh, pursued his area of interest with a true spirit of competition and great enthusiasm. The courage of travelling this path without an external help held his head up high with pride, self-esteem and different from the crowd. His initiative towards the successful working of this conference played a major role in achieving the same. He majorly owes his grace to his school 'St. Frances College' which taught him every little characteristic he developed and everything he has been able to learn in all these 14 years of blissfulness. Not only his memorizing nature and knowledge but this school gave him the never dying title of a "Franciscan". His inspiration Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani and his role model, his dad influences him to step into the real world to create a name never to be forgotten ever again. He always believed, "Lessons taught in school are nothing in comparison to lessons taught in the real world. So, Step in the real Arena." Rishabh truly wishes the other budding minds to join him and walk right beside him on the path he chose to follow. Here’s to join in,

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Unnat Bansal , Director, Marketing and Communications

The Director for Marketing and Communications, a serious player on the field is all about getting the job done. His quick wit and efficient style make him perfect for the job. Moreover, his ever-charming smile and laid-back attitude make him the person whom every organization would prefer on the negotiation tables. He has been both a delegate and chair to various Model UN conferences across the country. He has also worked closely with the organizers of various conferences and brings to the table a lot of experience besides Steve Jobs' quotes and strategies. Unnat, as the Director for Marketing and Communications at The Global Foundation promises to bring to the delegates a surreal experience at all The Global MUN conferences which they attend and will make sure that they participate in the conferences the next year and the years after that too!

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Yusra Jabeen , Head, Content Development

A warrior with words, an acrobat with acerbic wit, and a sharpshooter armored with a camera; all packed together in a deceptively innocent face. She is a lot more than just a zealous writer with an uncanny knack of caging the most intense feelings in words, with astounding brevity. Perpetually oozing lethally high levels of sweetness, this never-so-naïve lady can elegantly rip you apart with razor sharp sarcasm. Apart from taking bewitching pictures, she also indulges in culinary delights like a true Bon Vivant. Yusra Jabeen, a true believer of a balanced life, religiously works out at the gym and never misses out on feasting upon junk food just as she hits home. Overly magnanimous with talks ( but never with food) she is often seen engrossed in profound deliberations with her Guinea Pig. If you spot an endearing girl with a coffee mug in one hand and her phone in the other, gear up; as she can leave behind her indelible impact upon you!

Abhinav Pandey, Head, Communications

Abhinav Pandey from Seth M.R. Jaipuria School, Lucknow. Known chiefly for his romance with his camera, Abhinav has taken the city by storm with his exemplary skill of expressing via captured light. In the MUNning battleground, he is mostly spotted amidst the reckless roars of the fanatically frisky Lok Sabhas, trying to offend- and defend his stance in a manner which is becoming only of a future politician himself. When he is not busy day-dreaming about himself in the actual Parliament, Abhinav is either found out in the field, or in front of his television watching and re-watching episodes of FRIENDS and HIMYM (without a conflict of conscience).