The Global Hall of Fame

As the concept of Model UN conferences is gaining momentum in India, the number of conferences has increased, but the quality of these conferences has degraded quite rapidly. With many conferences neglecting the primary goals and proper procedures, the Indian MUN circuit is getting polluted. Even the holistic and original conferences are getting lost in this hurricane of aimlessness and deprecation. No art survives the lack of recognition. Therefore, we at the Global Foundation plan to give special recognition to those conferences who fulfil some criteria set by our organization.
The Model UN conference would be felicitated with a memento on the Closing ceremony along with signature* of the Secretary General on the proposed Document. The conferences can socially publish the distinction. With this initiative the particular conference would be able to form a reputed image for itself and get into the good books of enthusiastic MUNers. This would help create a class of the most genuine and promising MUN conferences.
1. The Model UN Conference must follow an annual or a biannual cycle.
2. The Model UN Conference must be in its third session, irrespective of an annual or a biannual cycle, or should have a cumulative total exceeding 650 delegates till date.
3. The Model UN Conference must be well connected with its regional circuit at least through a website and a Facebook page.
4. The Model UN Conference should have a well defined secretariat with a Secretary General and at least three Under-Secretary Generals with specific portfolios.
5. The Model UN Conference must adhere to only one of the following rules of procedure:
a) UN4MUN procedure
b) UNA-USA procedure
6. The Model UN Conference must have simulated an accumulated total number of 10 or more committees.
7. The Model UN Conference must have at least twice simulated a constant crisis committee and twice a General Assembly committee.
8. The Model UN Conference must have a well defined executive board with at least two members present at all times under the presence of a chairperson.
9. The Model UN Conference must have had successfully passed at least five resolutions or more under the supervision of the secretariat with the assurance of abidance of the aforementioned procedures.
10. The Model UN Conference should have at least formally partnered once with an internationally recognised entity which is involved in humanitarian work or is a direct subsidiary of the United Nations Organisation.
11. The Model UN Conference must have at least a cumulative total of three outstation delegations.

Note: If you find your conference standing firm on all the above conditions, do mail us at
We’ll get in touch with you, distinguishing your conference from the race of Model UN conferences.